Thanksgiving for New Duties


Thank the Lord! He called and led our family out of Toronto to join you, so that we can complement each other, seek to know God together and establish the wonderful house of the Lord. Ever since the moment I clearly heard the Lord’s calling, my wife and I had been patiently waiting for the direction of God, listening for the voice of His commission. In May of last year, through the invitation and sharing of Brother David Ng, I came to know of your needs. Then in August, I traveled here to be among you to meet face to face and interact, so that I could come to know you better. I am grateful for the guidance of the Bible so that we could have true communion in the Lord. Because of your magnanimity, you were willing to wait until I had finished my last year of seminary studies. I am truly thankful for the trust and support of everyone.


Time is fleeting and the grace of the Lord is great. It exceeds all that my family can think of and petition for. Today I stand before everyone and testify for God that my commencement to serve full-time in the church is in truth the sole result of the Lord’s blessing. My family constantly thanks God for His great love and commission, and understands the preciousness of His grace. This corresponds to the message you received during last year’s summer camp. I often testify that I am unworthy of the gift to serve, because I am like the worker called at the eleventh hour to enter and labour at the Lord’s vineyard. I feel that there is little time left. I pray that the Canadian summer will afford me somewhat more time to work for God, to work while there is still the light of day for Him who sent me.


This past Sunday, you gave my family and I a tremendous and warm welcome that is unforgettable. Thank you for your acceptance and concern. You have twisted your brains to help us quickly become acquainted with everyone, and that is also our fervent wish. Therefore, when we went home that day, we wasted no time in poring over your pictures and written sentiments. We thank the Lord deeply for your love. Some brothers and sisters even happily said that this summer, the PE Church has a double celebration. On the one hand, God has listened to your prayers of many years and provided you with a pastor who will nurture and guide you to mature in the Lord. On the other, you will commence construction of an assembly building that will belong to you, so that everyone can worship and serve in a fixed sanctuary address. My family also feels as excited and joyful as you. In the sharing of this my first pastor’s message, I sincerely offer before God the following prayer on your behalf. May it be acceptable to the Lord.


Almighty and glorious God our father! The head of the church, Jesus Christ! Thank you for choosing the brothers and sisters of the Peace Evangelical Church to become your brilliant lampstand here in Richmond. You have accepted our unified prayer, and provided a pastor for our church. In fact, Lord Jesus Christ is the true great pastor, the chief shepherd that sacrifices for His sheep. May the church receive from you abundant providence and nourishment, so that we will grow and mature in our spirituality. Today, the passionate welcome shown to your child by the brothers and sisters is in fact their deep longing that your glorious works will be magnified within the church. May you receive all the praises and thanksgiving of humanity. Father! We thank you also for preparing a piece of property for us where we can construct a sanctuary for gatherings and worship. In fact, the Creator of all the heavens and the earth need not be constrained to a corner of the footstool! May the hearts of all the brothers and sisters have ample room that the Holy Spirit can fill up and rest within. If you do not build the house, the builders will labour in vain. So, we beseech you, glorious Lord! Tear down the obstacles that displease you. Re-establish the dwelling that meets your will and testimony. May all glory be unto you. Amen!


By: Daniel To