Counting the Lord’s Blessings


Thank God for leading us through the year 2007! Because of His protection and providence, the church received abundant grace and peace. Let us now reflect on some of the church’s experiences this past year, so that we may thank and praise our God.


Abundant supply of spiritual nourishment: Thank God! Besides messages from the pulpit each Sunday, God sent many of His servants and handmaidens to bring us a bountiful supply of spiritual nourishment, so that we are well fed within the curtain. In January we had Brother Wang Shiu Wu talking about “A Life in the Tabernacle”. At the end of April, Brother and Mrs. Lau Chi Hung admonished us “Not to Worry”. They also reminded the couples among us how to love one another and complement each other to glorify God. In the beginning of November, Sister Zhao Li talked about “A Marital Relationship that Pleases God” and “A Church that Pleases God”. In mid-November, Brother Fung Ping Shing encouraged us to live “A Life of Fellowship within the Lord”. Brother David Ng also returned 3 times to Canada, each time earnestly exhorting us. I hope we still remember his messages of “Offering a Living Sacrifice” in March and the five sessions of “An Abundant Life” in early December.


Opportunities to testify for the Gospel: Besides our monthly mall outreach, we had Gospel Sunday services in February with the topic “Surpassing Love”, in April with “Thirst”, in September with “From Meaningless to Marvelous”, and in November with “The Lord that Bestows Life”. There were 125 newcomers in total, and 15 that converted. According to our reckoning, through our Sunday Worship services for the whole year, we had the opportunity to connect with 340 people, with about 40 converting. Thank God! This year we continued our follow-up activity of knocking on doors to deliver the Gospel. Through the Children’s Gospel service, Gospel Picnic, personal contacts and visits, we were given many valuable chances to testify for the Lord.


The admonition of missionaries: I’m sure we still remember when Brother Law Wai Keung and his family came to us in June to share his experiences from years of missionary work in Turkey. In October, Phil Nicholson of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship showed us the challenges of preaching at the grass roots level in Taiwan. The Lord of the Harvest wants us to see the needs of different wheat fields, so that we will have His compassion and viewpoint, learn to intercede in prayer, and stimulate the drive to spread the Gospel. For this we must be thankful.


“Lord, may you attract me!”: Thank God! Through the messages of Brother Wong Wing Cheung at our summer camp, we are once again attracted by the perfection of our Lord - His “Grace that is Unique and True”, His “Mission for Fishers of Men”, His “Profound Way of Eternal Life”, His “Revival through Opening of the Spiritual Eye”, His “Heavenly Blessing that Breaks Through Earthly Traditions”, His “Glorious Radiance of the Way of the Cross”, His “Way of Thinking that Transcends the World and Belongs to Heaven”, and His “Ultimate Love of Christ” etc. We are thankful for knowing about these attractions.


Promotion of Fellowship Sharing: In the past year, at our Dumpling Feast, Mother’s Day barbecue, Father’s Day Mini-Olympics, Gospel Picnic, Prayer Day, Agricultural Works Day, Bible Quiz and many fellowship gatherings, the Lord gave us good weather, safety, bounty, and the opportunity for joyous sharing. For this, we thank and praise Him.


Thanksgiving for the experiences of our members: In April, Sisters Amy Li and Rosita Chow completed their one-year Short-term Missionary Theology Course. July saw Sister Juanita Cheng finish her three-month Short-term Missionary training course. The passing away of Sister Kam Chan Kit Man brought the conversions of her two daughters, so that they could receive the grace of eternal life. God led Brother Li So here from far-away Northeast China, so that this senior who was immersed in decades of atheistic doctrine could clearly find faith in the Lord and be saved, and was even baptized and testified for God before the assembled. This year, God also bestowed on us four healthy and lively babies. Although a number of members fell ill, God not only healed their bodies, but also awakened their souls. We should be thankful for all that.


Dear brothers and sisters. God has favoured us with many blessings this past year in our families and on our persons. May we all count the Lord’s blessings, and praise and thank Him often. “How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord”. (Psalm 116:12-13)


By: Daniel To