The Three Queries of Christ                                 


¡§Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, ¡¥What do you want?¡¦¡¨ (John 1:38)


Why do you come to church? In order to broaden your social network? So that your children could learn to be good? Because you like the religious atmosphere in a church? Or is it because you want to increase your self worth? Perhaps you have a personal reason to come to church, but do you truly recognize what your life really needs? Do you want God to solve the problems of your life, or do you wish to know Jesus Christ, and solve your life¡¦s problems through the Lamb of God? ¡§I want to see¡¨; ¡§Give me this water so that I won¡¦t get thirsty¡¨; ¡§How can a man be born when he is old?¡¨ ¡V the people who said these words to Christ in the past all received healing for their bodies, fulfillment for their souls and bestowment of eternal life. If your soul feels empty, broken and famished, you can boldly petition Jesus and unburden yourself to Him. He can give your soul healing, fulfillment, peace and joy.


¡§From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him. ¡¥You do not want to leave too, do you?¡¦ Jesus asked the Twelve.¡¨ (John 6:66-67)


Some people believe in Jesus and are willing to follow Him because they have tasted the blessings of God, such as cures for their illnesses, success in job-hunting, smooth endeavours, or answered prayers etc.  Our relationship with the Lord cannot be stuck at the level of enjoyment of blessings merely because we have experienced grace. This relationship must be built on the foundation of Truth. Our faith in God must also be tested before it can manifest the bountiful life of Christ. The Jews endorsed Jesus as king not because they were willing to be His people, but because they wanted to gain some benefit through Him. They looked for Him across hills and rivers not because they wished to submit to the Son of God, but because they had their fill of bread. Many residents of Jerusalem had seen the miracles performed by Christ, received His healing, and even believed in His name. But later, these same people cried out, ¡§Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!¡¨ If you encounter failure, lose your health, experience the passing of your beloved companion, suffer hardships, or do not seemingly have your prayers acknowledged, will you still be willing to follow the Lord? Or will you fall away because of it?


¡§When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ¡¥Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?¡¦¡¨ (John 21:15)


When everything¡¦s going your way, your work is flourishing, your circumstances are optimum, and you feel the graceful hands of God all around you, do you love your blessings at this time more than the Lord who bestowed those blessings? Do you love the Lord deeper than your work, career, property, stocks, parents, children, and yourself? Will you feel remorseful and upset because the Lord asks you this again and again? Or will you be defensive, and hasten to find proof of your love for God? You say your life belongs to God. If you measure life by time, how much time have you offered for the sake of the Lord? The Lord treasures His relationship with his followers. This relationship must not only be tested, but must elicit service through love. When the Lord queries us in this manner, He is not doubtful of our intent in following Him, but wants to encourage us to serve. A deeper lesson to be learned by disciples is to love the Lord¡¦s lamb because we love the Lord, and to care for and serve them according to the will of God.


The above ¡§Three Queries of Christ¡¨ express three different spiritual stages in following The Lord. His will is for us to progress from recipients of grace to dispensers of grace.


By: Daniel To