Sowing with Tears – Reaping with Joyful Shouting

Ministry News of Chosen People Ministries

Shalom and Happy New Year!

I’m writing this letter just after getting off the phone with Michael, the dynamic Russian Jewish Israeli who leads our ministries in Israel. It was an amazing conversation, and I wish it had taken place on a speakerphone in your living room. We talked about all the Lord has been doing through the Chosen People Ministries Israel staff, and we spent some time thinking, praying and dreaming about the opportunities ahead. Like me, you probably would have been shouting for joy, praising God and on the verge of tears—all at the same time!

Our Israel ministries are directed towards both the older and the younger generations through evangelism, congregational planting and by showing the kindness of the Lord through our benevolence ministries. After all, you can never go wrong loving people in the name of Jesus!

Allow me to tell you a bit more about our work in Israel!


This beautiful facility now serves as our Israel ministry headquarters and is situated in a perfect location—just a short walk from the Old City. We have room to house a dozen or so short-term missionaries, and barely a week goes by that these beds are not filled with dedicated Christians from across the globe who come to the Holy Land to help us tell Israelis about Jesus. Each month, the Jerusalem Messianic Center hosts Bible studies, lectures, evangelistic concerts and so much more. Our administrative offices and extensive library are also held in this building, which has truly become the nerve center for Chosen People Ministries in the Holy Land.


Our work in this burgeoning Israeli metropolis of almost 1.3 million people has grown tremendously from one small congregation to a multifaceted ministry, much of which is directed towards the poor. We have a soup kitchen, concerts for young adults, and general evangelism and discipleship ministries—especially among drug- and alcohol-dependent Russian Jewish immigrants.

Why do we do this? There are many in Tel Aviv who are needy, homeless, or living in poverty. There is a forgotten poor elderly population, mainly from the former Soviet Union, as well as many refugees from Africa. Sometimes the soup kitchen looks like the United Nations—and we are pleased to help anyone! We even have a children’s corner and many nursing mothers.

We do not expect anything in return and know that once someone’s stomach is filled, their basic physical needs have been met. As people come back every week, they hear the Gospel, meet the volunteers and directors and see living examples of Jesus’ love. A few have started to come to the separate congregational worship service in the Tel Aviv Messianic Center.

Almost a year ago, we became desperate for more ministry space and by the grace of God, we were able to rent a 6,000-square-foot facility across the street from the very busy Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.


This amazing and prophetic work in the Land of Israel is a partnership between you, Chosen People Ministries, our brothers and sisters in many other countries and, of course, the One who holds it all together by the power of His Word. I am so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to have a part in reaching the five and a half million Jewish people now living in the Land of Israel.

Michael and the team in Israel need our help. Although he has been praying and doing all he can in Israel to raise the funds needed to run the Tel Aviv Messianic Center, it is simply not enough! Running the Center is costing more than we thought because, as a Messianic Jewish organization, we are being treated more harshly than others—even though it is widely recognized that we are doing a great deal of good for the community.

Certain property-related taxes (for which the renter is responsible in Israel), which are usually reduced, have not been reduced for us. Certain fees that are often waived have not been waived for us. The previous tenants did not have to pay these costs. So, dear friend in the Messiah, the costs are higher than we thought—but the ministry is greater than we ever expected.

Praise God, we have already been able to pay the rent for the entire year as a result of a matching grant and your generous giving a few months ago! We know these additional costs do not take the Lord by surprise—and we trust He will provide.

On behalf of Michael and our faithful and dedicated staff in the Land, thank you for caring!

Your brother in the Messiah,

Mitch Glaser