One morning when I went to Starbucks for my triple-shot espresso, I couldn’t help but notice the young man in front of me who was ordering his drink. He was young, tall, athletic, wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt, shorts … and a prosthetic leg from the thigh down. As we waited for the barista to complete our orders, I asked him if he was a veteran. “Yes, ma’am,” he said. I asked him where he had served. “Afghanistan,” he replied. I thanked him for his service and his sacrifice, and I regretted that I had not been a few moments earlier in line so that I could have purchased his drink as a small token of appreciation. We talked about peace, and I shared that the Bible promises that Jesus will bring peace when the government of this world—and of our lives—is on His shoulders. As I drove away, I reflected on the fact that the young man had left the security of his home and country to serve in a hostile environment, risking his life and sacrificing his limb for a war that seems to have no real victory in sight. A war that goes on and on. A war where the forces that are lined up against peace seem to prevail again and again. Then a thought occurred to me: Jesus understands this man’s sacrifice. He, too, left the security and safety of His heavenly home, came into a hostile environment, then didn’t just lose a limb but laid down His life in a war against sin and death and Satan. While ultimate victory has been declared, the battle seems to go on and on, with forces lined up against the Prince of Peace. My brief encounter with the young, wounded warrior left me with this question: Was the young man’s sacrifice in vain? I thought, Only time will reveal the truth. Then I asked myself, What about Jesus? Was His sacrifice in vain? And I answered, No! A thousand times no! Eternal time has revealed that His death has saved my life! So, how do I say thank You for such a sacrifice?

Pastor David Jones

Borrowed  from A.G.L.