Fight the Good Fight of Faith: Building a Good Support System 


By: Gregory Winfield



In 1 Timothy 6:12 we are told to fight the good fight of faith. Our faith battles in life can be difficult. Not only are our individual battles difficult, we are burdened by watching our loved ones go through battles of their own. Add to that, the fact that we're bombarded by negative information and images in the environment in which we live. With the proverbial "cards stacked against us", it's extremely important that we have a good support system around us to help when we're in the middle of a faith fight.


The sport of boxing is one of my favorites. I suppose it has to do with the fact that boxing is a battle of wills. There are no teammates to depend on to buoy you up or to drag you down. What happens in the boxing ring depends solely on your training, your skill and your will. One of the factors in boxing that rarely gets recognition are the corner men.


Corner men bounce into action in the 60 seconds between each round. Corner men provide water to the fighter. They can see things from a different vantage point than the fighter, so they are able to give advice in regard to the opponent's weaknesses. Corner men also bandage and manage fighters injuries sustained during the fight. A good corner man can close a cut sustained by a fighter in the first round and allow the fighter to fight on 14 more rounds. Corner men also provide encouragement and they inspire fighters. With his words alone, a good corner man can inspire a fighter on to victory.


It's very important that you find and build a good support system to help you when you find yourself in the middle of a faith battle. Find people that you trust. People who are going to support you and not become a hindrance to you in your fight. In my faith battles, my wife is my chief corner person. In fact, I have a saying that I use when I'm in the middle of a fight to let her know that I'm in a tough fight and that I'm tired. All I have to say is, "I'm between rounds" and she immediately jumps into action, giving me the encouragement I need spiritually to keep me strong during the fight.


Sometimes as Christians, when we are in the middle of a battle we feel the urge to seclude and separate ourselves from our support systems. I want to encourage you to remain connected to your corner person. Our enemy thrives on the "divide and conquer" approach. Battles won alone, without the help of others are very few and far between. Stay connected to your support system, whether it's a spouse, your church, or your men's / women's group.


As you get into God's Word and gear yourself up for your next battle, you will find that the addition of a trusted corner person can make all the difference in the world to the outcome of your next faith fight.