While serving as a Sunday School Superintendent, I felt that God was leading me to begin a Young Adult Class. God showed me a dynamic young man in our church to be the teacher.


The class went GREAT! Within a couple of months, the class grew to over 50 people. It was the most successful adult class the church had ever had!


Then, one day, the Pastor informed me that the teacher had taken the class, rented a building across town and started a church! Of course, I felt betrayed, used, and MERCY, I was mad!


Years later, the church that started from the Sunday School class is a thriving Independent Church with several hundred people in attendance. Obviously, God's plan was different than my plan!


So often, we are committed to what we think God is doing. God has a plan; however, not necessarily the same plan that we have. The question is, are we committed to what we're doing or surrendered to God's perfect will?


There are times in both Old (Judges 14:1-4) and New Testaments when God's plan wasn't exactly what everybody expected. Even the disciples thought that Jesus had come to free them from Roman rule and be their King ( Acts 1:6). Jesus had other plans. (John 6:15, John 18:36)


The Apostle Paul had plans to preach in Asia. Instead, he was directed by the Spirit to Macedonia to preach the Gospel. (Acts 16:6-10) An important part of ministry IS planning, but God's plan is preeminent.


God uses ordinary people to do His will, people like you and me. It is important to remember that God is sovereign! When we serve God with all of our heart, we sign our name on the bottom line and tell God to fill in the contract. Not commitment to a goal; but total surrender to God's will.


Psalms 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD,and He delights in his way.

With permission by Annie Keyes