The Direction and Development of the Church¡¦s Operations in 2006


Last week, I shared certain thoughts with everyone regarding the theme of the church for the new year. Now I would like to lay out the main direction and elements of development for the church this year so that brothers and sisters can better understand them, and thereby continue to keep watch and pray for the church.


There are 4 main aspects of the direction of development for the church this year ¡V


1.      Build up and strengthen the reverential family;

2.      Care and concern for the spiritual needs of family members;

3.      Affirm new changes in testimony for the new church; and

4.      Defend and spread the gospel of the Heavenly Kingdom.


In accordance with the foregoing direction of development for the church, the Council of Elders and Deacons and pastoral team have accepted and approved the following elements of development ¡V


1.      Through teachings and exhortations from the pulpit, encourage members to first begin endowing a testimony of reverence for God and love of people in their own homes.

2.      The church will use our new site at No. 5 Rd. in Richmond as the home base of testimony to disseminate the gospel of the Heavenly Kingdom. Besides joining in the ¡§Spread the Gospel throughout Richmond¡¨ movement run by the Short Term Missionary Center beginning in April, the church will conduct 4 evangelical services in April, June, September and December. As well, the Evangelical Department will continue to promote the ¡§Letter of Recommendation of Salvation¡¨ program and the gospel work each month of passing out tracts at the mall.

3.      In order to encourage members to participate more often in the Breaking of Bread service, that the whole church will be more united in worship, and to strengthen knowledge of the biblical truth, the church will institute changes in assembly times starting from the first Sunday after our move. (Breaking of Bread: 9 to 10 AM. Worship: 10 to 11:15 AM. Sunday School: 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.)

4.      To promote development of the fellowships, the church plans to create a new Senior¡¦s Fellowship this year, and to simplify the organizational structure of each fellowship so that members can better meet the new challenges.

5.      Through the various functions such as Sunday School, fellowships, bible study classes, summer camps, special seminars and training courses, the church aims to increase the members¡¦ understanding of God.

6.      After moving to the new church, the manpower and coordination of the Sunday Caring Group will be fortified so as to limit the attrition of truth seekers or new believers.

7.      Since the church is situated in multi-cultural Canada, and is establishing a testimony of the Lampstand on No. 5 Rd. where all the heathen religions are rooted, we hope to mold the church into a ¡§Missional Church¡¨ through instruction and exhortation.

8.      To enhance understanding of heathen and heretic religions, a apologetic task force will be formed within the Evangelical Department to expedite the collection, organization and vetting of relevant materials as provisions for evangelizing and defending the faith.

9.      To increase the quality of spirituality of the church and boost the relationship between members and God, we hope that the members will ceaselessly keep watch and intercede for the church whether praying in public or in private.

10.  To seek the guidance of God and bolster the burden of the members through the concerted praying of the church, in preparation for development of a ¡§Mandarin Sunday Worship¡¨ in the future.

11.  Upgrade the content of the church¡¦s web page to expand the opportunities for us to testify for God.

12.  As complement to the needs of the new church premises, to restructure the Administrative Department and create the Property Management and Maintenance Department and the Landscaping and Agricultural Department.


I sincerely hope that everyone will intercede in prayer for the above developments of the church. ¡§And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.¡¨ (Ephesians 6:18)


By: Daniel To