Recruitment of Prayerist


The United States Coast Guard is a famous national defense organization which enjoys a great reputation and lofty status in America, and even in international society. It is a military, maritime and multi-missioned establishment within the Department of Homeland Security. Its primary roles encompass protection of the public and environment, preservation of the American coastline and ports including all rivers and waterways, guardianship of economic and security interests, and all rescue functions upon the watery domain. Regarding its missions, there is the following motto: ¡§The world¡¦s best Coast Guard ¡K Ready today ¡K Preparing for tomorrow.¡¨


On the recruitment website of the U.S. Coast Guard there is even this grand statement: ¡§I am the defender of the homeland; I am the port in the storm; I am the enforcer of the sea; I am the shield of freedom.¡¨


The writer has seen a certain recruiting advertisement for the post of Port Security Specialist on a web page of the U.S. Coast Guard. The very first introductory note declares that it is not opened to solicit people with outside careers for this position, meaning it is open only to current internal staff. The job description states that the Port Security Specialist will mainly provide security and protection services and perform anti-terrorism and other anti-crime duties at various major American ports. Qualifications for the post are ¡§above average level of learning ability, normal sight and hearing acuity, good physique and inter-personal skills. Those with military and martial-arts backgrounds are especially favored.¡¨


Dear brothers and sisters, the church has some similarities with the U.S. Coast Guard, because the church remains here in the world as the elite army of Christ. It is a spiritual military organization that embodies multiple missions. On earth, the church has both offensive and defensive spiritual tasks (Ephesians 6:1-17). Bearing witness for the Lord; spreading the Gospel; leading those lost in sin out from despair; making people aware that Christ is the Saviour of sinners and helping them triumph over the power of Satan through the Lord ¡V these may be considered offensive spiritual operations. In defense, members of the church must mutually sustain one another in love, build up the Lord¡¦s disciples, hold fast to the Way of Truth, and prevent the infiltration of false gospels and false teachers. The most important part of defensive operations is vigilant praying and keeping watch over one another by every child of God. After his discourse on the need for the church to put on the full armour of God, Paul exhorted the flock with the following concluding prayer: ¡§And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. Pray also for me...¡¨ (Ephesians 6:18-19)


By the grace of God, we have moved into our new assembly hall on No. 5 Rd. The church is in the danger zone of the spiritual battlefield, where the devil watches and waits to pounce. We need more people who are ready to pray in one spirit for all aspects of the church¡¦s work, to prevent the terrifying intrusion of the devilish Enemy through vigilant prayer, and to seek God¡¦s help for those in need through supplication. Prayer is especially the spiritual training of believers to be ¡§ready today and preparing for tomorrow¡¨. Of course, it is wholly by the assistance of the Commander of Salvation, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that the church has security and protection. We certainly cannot save nor preserve ourselves. Believers should join together in prayer and depend on God, for He will become our shield (Psalm 8:2, 30)


The writer proposes to everyone the following internal recruitment: ¡§Church Security Prayerist¡¨. The church cannot solicit non-believers or those with worldly concerns for prayer service. The prayerist must learn to pursue progress in the Truth, possess normal spiritual sight and hearing acuity (Matthew 13:12-15), have good inter-personal relationships with other members so that their prayers will not be hindered (Mathew 5:23-24), and maintain a strong spiritual physique. These are all spiritual qualities the children of God should have. The writer believes that many in our church possess the above qualifications. Are you willing then to respond to this recruitment for a prayerist, and join the members in prayer and supplication on Wednesday nights? As well, April is the church¡¦s month of prayer. Will you heed this recruitment to pray and keep watch for the church?

By: Daniel To