Protecting The Next Generation


A while ago, I learned from the news media that the Government of BC had given unprecedented rights to a homosexual man and his mate to review the provincial academic curricula from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and allowed them to insert content involving homosexuality, bisexuality and gender-alteration. The reports also revealed that the government would formulate plans to prevent students and parents from circumventing any courses that contained material on sexual orientation. Later on, it was reported that a Justice Ministry spokesperson declared that the topic of homosexuality would only be an optional course for Grade 12 to begin with, and future decisions would await further developments.


Adapting homosexual education into school textbooks would create great confusion in the minds of the next generation. This manner of chaos in society is very grave. Allowing members of the homosexual movement to participate in the establishment of the composition of school curricula is quite absurd. Just like inviting a software manufacturer to script a computer course, or inviting a sporting-goods manufacturer to design an athletics course, or inviting food manufacturers to devise a nourishment and nutrition course, the incidence of bias will surely appear. Those courses will certainly be predisposed to their products, and hardly impartial. Now when homosexual persons alone are invited to join in prescribing the teaching regimen, the school will end up as a promotional venue for homosexuality.


Per the demands of homosexuals, the textbook of the future will present not just one picture of a man and a woman when describing marriage. There will be three pictures: the first of a man and a woman, the second of two men, and the third of two women. Education should fundamentally teach children the correct gender view and family view. Instead, education is now applied to foster gender and marital confusion in them. This confusion, just like legislation to legalize homosexual marriages and alter the definition of a family, will cause great harm to the whole society and create a tremendous assault on the mental health of the next generation, engendering even more paucity in people・s dedication to their families and the bearing of responsibility.


Facing the issue of homosexual content seeping into the textbook, what can we do as Christian parents to protect our progeny? To confront this societal chaos, I think believers have an ineluctable duty.


Firstly, we must ardently pray for this matter. Just as Paul reminded us in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, :Urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone - for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.; I hope that the brothers and sisters will pray often for this issue, beg the Lord to be merciful to us, and not permit this society to live merely under God・s wrath. The Bible also teaches us to be the salt and the light of the world, to be Christ・s lampstand in these dark days. We must point out to the authorities the error of their ways, and promote the correct direction and resolution. Therefore we may boldly express our opinion. We must strive for smooth communication with the school office, the school board, and the education department, elucidating our stand; fight for the rights of parents, possibly taking our children out from certain courses. We can even contend to have people of diverse views, such as religious groups, participate in curricula design, so that different views can definitively be reflected.


Even more importantly, brothers and sisters must discharge your own responsibility and keep watch for your children. Teach them the righteous values in the Bible so that they will walk in the Truth of the Lord, be blessed by Him, and become other people・s blessing. Never allow this world to blind the eyes of our children, steal their hearts and steer their feet towards the crooked path.



By: Esther Hung

Peace Evangelical Church of Richmond Vancouver

July 9, 2006