Sharing of Family Affairs


Dear Brothers and Sisters, the writer is making use of today’s column to remind all of you the appropriate attitudes of church meetings, in particular the Sunday Worship Service.


There is a church phenomenon lately that our brothers and sisters have not strictly observed church meetings in time, such as communion, Sunday Worship Service and fellowship. The writer believes that no one is intentionally late for a meeting. The writer does not want to see this unintentional error becomes a bad habit. Unintentional error may occasionally happen. However, there must be something at behind if the unintentional error keeps on occurring. You definitely need to address to the situation. Otherwise, it will cause you a spiritual loss before God or you may become a stumbling block to the non-believers. Parents need to remind family members to be punctual, helping them to observe meeting in time by all means. If our Canadian Prime Minister invites you to a national dinner, you won’t late for that event. Why do you not serious to the meeting of the King of kings?


We should have a good spirit to praise and give thanks to God who is the Creator of all things, the everlasting King in our Sunday Worship Service. We need to go to bed early on Saturday night in order to have a refreshing mind and soul on the Sunday morning. It is recommended to arrive at church 10 to 15 minutes earlier for a moment of silent prayer. Do not talk to each other with a loud voice in the sanctuary. You probably disturb brother and sister who are in prayer. Fill up the front rows of seats if you come earlier. Allow the seats at the back for the late comers or new comers. Though it is only a simple act, our Lord will appreciate your love and submission. If we make all effort to sit together in the meeting, it will cultivate a sense of centripetal spirit, a spirit of the same mind and of the same love. It enhances the power of worship and praise to God.


When some one is leading prayer, you may whisper ‘amen’ to respond for your participative unity. It enhances the spirit of prayer and unity. (The writer once attended a brethren meeting, a brother on the stage poured out his spirit in prayer, the congregation echoed with amen and thanksgiving. It turned out a God-centered worship.) We should sing and praise with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength and with all our mind. Praise is an expression of love to our God. Don’t mind your voice. The purpose of singspiration is to glorify God. If you have a beautiful voice, the writer gives thank to God for you. If you do not have a nice voice, you still sing with a thanksgiving heart. The writer also gives thank to God for you. The key is to sing and praise with one heart and with one accord, flowing from our heart of gratitude. We are now using PowerPoint to facilitate singspiration so that the entire congregation is focusing on the same spot. It increases the spirit of worship and unity. We need to understand: the spirit of worship is not simply created by the people on the stage, chairperson, pianist, speaker and video technology. It is also cultivated by the congregation who comes with a godly and thanksgiving attitude. Be an attentive and humble hearer of the words of God. Bring your own Bible and pen to church so that you can record down the words of God. Put the hymn books in a proper position after being used. (We do not hire a staff member to take care of the sanctuary. The tidiness of the sanctuary depends on our self-discipline and love for this House of God.)


If we closely observe these instructions in our church, we will bring glory to God. Please do not forget the purpose of worship: “Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.” (Psalm 29:2)


By: Daniel To