Does Your Daughter Date A Vampire?


ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ is the first in the ˇ§Twilight Seriesˇ¨ of vampire novels written by popular American author, Stephenie Meyer. Her serial works have sold over 17 million copies worldwide, been translated into over 20 languages, and been made into the first of certainly many movies. The storyline revolves around the romance between a high-school student, Bella, and her vampire classmate, Edward. During the movieˇ¦s first week of release last year, the box-office receipts were over $70 million. ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ has become the most current cultural trend. Its influence has even eclipsed the earlier ˇ§Harry Potterˇ¨ books. Some movie critics have opined that the age of ˇ§Harry Potterˇ¨ has passed, and ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ heralds the start of a new fantasy decade. If that is true, the work of Satan will become even more rampant!


The craft of Satan is indeed lethal. He has successfully lured people of different ages into his control and manipulation through cultural trends such as novels, music, animation, the internet etc. The ˇ§Harry Potterˇ¨ books polished the evil, dark side of the devil to present him as a glorious angel, inflating the merit of wizardry and spells, so that the wizards and witches that had always been servants of Satan turned into the friends of children. The target of ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ is not children or young men. It is thousands of young women whose heads are filled with fantasies of romance and curiosity about the spiritual realm. The writer and director of ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ sanitized a family of vampires into benevolent ˇ§veganˇ¨ blood-suckers (only feeding on animal blood), and rendered a 108-year old vampire as a dashing, 17-year old male. He possesses a kind heart, and because of his love of the heroine, valiantly restrains his blood-sucking lust, protecting her on numerous occasions, and turning an ordinary love story into a horrific, fantastical story of supernatural romance.


Christian parents should be wary of their children falling into Satanˇ¦s snare and trap. In the past, novels and movies depicting scary vampires always separated God and demons into right and wrong, good and evil. Light and darkness were seen as irreconcilable and adversarial. But the author of ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ molded a fiend into a hero, glamorizing the work of evil spirits, re-packaging and dressing-up vampires into benevolent apparitions, and romanticizing the relationship between humans and demons. Add to this the miraculous artifice of the Hollywood dream works machine and the pairing of a lovely actress with a handsome actor, and the result is innumerable young women chock full of romantic fantasies fawning for the male vampire lead. Although ˇ§Twilightˇ¨ is fiction, its content lies contrary to Biblical truths. By morphing the devil into a hero, it seriously misleads so that wariness against Satan is relaxed, and props him up as a possible friend. Furthermore, it lures people into his embrace through a twisted romantic relationship. Judging from the ˇ§Twilight Seriesˇ¨ of books, the Son of the World is adept at commercial enterprise. Although the novels are fiction, its profit-making potential is real. Vampires do not exist in the world. But the work of Satan and evil spirits does exist. Especially at this end time, he is being particularly cunning and deceptive. Vampires cannot suck our blood, but through these novels, Satan can suck up our childrenˇ¦s time, money, imagination, peace and their hearts towards God.


Dear brothers and sisters. Does you daughter date a vampire? This writer has heard that after reading these kinds of novels, some youngsters in the Church felt frightened and uneasy during the night. Yet they persisted in reading them during the day as though they were dating their dream lovers. Christian parents should always take note of the literature their children are reading and the objects of their affection. Tutor them in Biblical truths and admonish them not to read these types of books, lest the devil uses terrifying threats and sweet-talking, amorous romanticism to steal their souls by instilling in them false concepts of devil and deity, life, and values. Do not leave a place for the devil by allowing your children to be buddies with vampires. To befriend the world is to be enemies with God. How much more so to desire vampires?


By: Daniel To