Welcome Brother David Jones to Our Ministry


Thank and praise God, who brought Brother David Jones to join us in service at the Richmond Peace Evangelical Church! From September 17 on, our brother will be a part time pastor in our English ministry. Dave was brought up in a Christian family that is devoted to serving the Lord. Both of his parents were missionaries who 50 years ago were called by God to travel to Chile, South America and plant a church there. He has 3 sisters who are all committed Christians and follow Christ along with their husbands and families. Dave was born and grew up in Chile. In the mid 70’s, because of political unrest there, he came back to live in Canada while his parents remained in Chile to preach. At the age of 7, he came to know the Lord as his saviour through his mother, and at 10 began to have the vision and dedication to minister. From his youth to early 20’s, Dave was continually involved in church service. At the age of 26, he ended up working with a mission organization which had a medical mercy ship, where he became a translator for their clinics and evangelistic meetings while posted in the Dominican Republic. After continuing with that ministry in their bible school training program, Dave became a teacher as they traveled in Europe and Africa. On one of the outreaches, they arrived at the country of Albania in southeastern Europe to introduce the gospel once again to the nation that had been under communism for 45 years. Many came to Christ and he formed part of a church and ministry which worked throughout the country. He also met and married Sister Elizabeth there. After finishing his ministry in Albania, he returned to Canada and worked in the secular work force for 9 years and as a lay preacher in the Vancouver area. In 2002 the Lord called him back to full time pastoral and teaching service. Using the Heather Bible Chapel as his base, he has served through many churches in the Lower Mainland, such as ministering to seniors at the Calling Foundation. He is often involved in teaching at youth and bible conferences as well bible camps during the summertime, attaining extensive experience in individual counseling of teens and youth. He can speak several languages and is continuing with missionary work in Latin America. Dave and Elizabeth have been married for 15 years and have 3 children: Andrew 13, Tyler 10, and Julienne, who is 8. Thank God for acceding to our petition of many years, and sending Brother David Jones to minister to and guide our next generation!


Since commencing our English ministry in 1989, our Sunday service has been jointly organized and guided by a few brothers and a sister. During these 11 years, despite experiencing several turnovers of personnel and the loss of some teens and youth, these members have served faithfully and patiently. This writer thanks God for them, and thanks them for their labour in the Lord. May God remember them for the time and love they have tendered. Although we now have a part time English pastor, this writer hopes that the brothers and sister will continue to serve in our English language community with all of their heart and spirit, and fully support our brother’s service in our midst, coordinate with his leadership, and complete God’s work of building amongst us.


This writer believes that those of us who are parents are pleased and elated because of Brother Dave’s ministry in our English language community. I hope that all parents will also fully support our brother, proactively contact and communicate with him, and assiduously coordinate with the guidance and leadership of Dave and other pastoral staff for the spiritual revival of the next generation. In these end times, Christian parents must care not only for the daily lives of their children and provide for their material needs. We must also pray fervently for the next generation every day, be more concerned with their children’s spiritual condition, understand their views on life and values, communicate with them more often, and allow our children to see the reality and preciousness of God in you.


This writer also wishes that Brother Dave will be a splendid complement to us in the house of God to build up the body of Christ. Once again, we warmly welcome Brother David Jones to our midst! May glory and thanksgiving be to our faithful Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ!


By: Daniel To