The Lord’s Supper - Part 2



As we began our discussion regarding the importance of the Lord’s Supper, we left off last week with the emphasis on being prepared to be present, prepared to participate in worship and prepared to partake of the emblems.


Preparing to be Present


The early church believers had a very deep conviction about being present at the Lord’s Supper that that they built their lives around the meetings of the local church. Not as we often do today that we build the meetings around our lives. The 3,000 new converts in Jerusalem “continued steadfastly in breaking of bread,” Acts2: 42, that is they gave constant attention to or attended continually the Lord’s Supper.

They were most particular about studying the word of God joining with each other in the Lord’s work and attending the prayer meeting too! They persisted in all the features of church life. It was important to them.

What about us?


We should also remember that the supper is His, and He is Lord. We are gathering in His name and as such, we must prepare to attend in a manner which is dignifying and fitting for His presence, Matthew 18:20. There should be an aspect of reverence about the way we speak and act. I am sure we remember our cell phone, but what about our Bible? Is our phone switched off? Would we be thinking in that way if we could physically see His presence? Are we prepared to be present in every way?


Preparing to Participate


We must continually remember that all present are expected to participate at the Lord’s Supper. Some will take part audibly some will maintain their silence. Some will pray, others will read the word of God; others will give out a hymn. It is the collective responsibility of the gathered believers to worship and we should therefore all be preparing to participate.


There is a beautiful illustration of this in Deuteronomy chapter 26.

Here the Israelites were to offer the first fruits of their harvest to the Lord. The best of which would have been selected at home. It is this that was considered worthy to offer to God. In the same way, we too should be collecting and selecting the meditations of the Lord Jesus we have enjoyed throughout the week so we can offer our appreciation of Him.


Whatever we do bring, it must be Christ centered and Christ glorifying.

We are there to remember Him. The Lord Jesus said, ‘Do this in remembrance of me’, Luke 22:19, we should be actively calling Him to mind. Every hymn, every prayer and every reading should be focused on Him. Often younger believers are worried if their meditation fits with the theme of the service. Don’t worry, every Lord’s Supper has only one theme, and it is always about Christ. If its about Him….it fits!


So what of Christ can we bring to remembrance? Many times scripture exhorts us to remember and much of this can be applied to our remembrance of Christ. For example, we can remember his Name, Psalm 20:7, His works, 1 Chronicles 16:12, His love, Song of Solomon 1:4, His sufferings, Lamentations 3:19-20, His resurrection and ascension, 2 Timothy 2:8 and the words He spoke, Acts 20:35.


With regard to His name, we could meditate upon the fact that He is called the Alpha and Omega, Revelation 1:8, the Author of Salvation, Hebrews 5:9, the Almighty, Revelation 1:8, the Arm of the Lord, Isaiah 53:1, the Angel of the Covenant, Malachi 3:1, the Ark of the Lord, Joshua 3:3, the Advocate, 1 John 2:1, the Anchor of Hope, Hebrews 6:19, the Altogether Lovely, Song of Solomon 16, the All in All, Colossians 3:11, the Amen, Revelation 3:14.  If you notice all of these began with the letter “A”…..imagine if we went through the whole alphabet.


Next week, we will continue in Preparing to Participate and conclude with Preparing to Partake of the Emblems…..may your experience in the Lord’s Supper become even more precious with a few of these thoughts.


By: Pastor David Jones

Excerpts from D.R.