Special report from Rachel, a Chosen People Ministries staff member in Tel Aviv:


Israel's Iron Dome defense system consists of a computer that determines the trajectory of the incoming rocket.  It sounds the alarm when the missile is a minute and a half away from hitting something. During that time, the sirens go off and everyone goes to a safe place - a secure room, a stairwell, the back of a store, a parking garage. We have been hearing the sirens go off every day since Thursday (November 15).


The other day, my husband and I were walking down Rothschild Boulevard - one of the busiest and most central streets in Tel Aviv - with our son in a stroller. A siren went off, and we followed a bunch of people running towards an underground parking garage, where we waited until we heard the boom. This time the Iron Dome got the missile while it was still in the air – I'm glad we have that protection!


It's a strange reality – Tel Aviv is a modern, advanced city and yet we have rockets falling on our metropolis! The chance of getting hit is like being struck by lightning, but we still have to take the threat seriously. In Sderot and other cities in southern Israel, they have only 25 seconds to seek shelter – and over 200 rockets have fallen on these towns in the past few days. Rockets often fall at night and families have to grab their sleeping children and run. Please pray for our staff members, their families, and those who they are ministering to in the south of Israel. It's a scary time for everyone.


The international news media doesn't seem to understand the big picture.  It's hard for us to see them paint Israel in a bad light. Meanwhile, 70,000 Israeli reservists have been called up; I know quite a few of the young guys who are leaving their routines, homes and families to defend our country, and many are Messianic believers. Please pray that they can return home quickly.


Thank you for praying for us, for Israel and her people who are in danger, and for the families in Gaza who are caught in the middle.



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