Are you Saved?

To some people this may be an old fashioned way of asking if you are a true Christian. We often ask this question in a variety of ways. We phrase it such as follows.

Are you a believer?

Are you a Christ follower?

Have you trusted Jesus as your Saviour?

Have you become a Christian?

You get the idea, the list could go on and the goal is to determine whether one has truly taken that step of faith. 

The reason I am thinking of this is because 48 years ago on August 8, 1971, I got saved. As I kneeled beside my bed accompanied by my mother on a cold August evening in Chile I prayed and received the forgiveness for my sins. The explanation was simple as my mother read scripture and guided me to the point of asking if I wanted to receive Christ as my Saviour? In the simplicity of heart as a 7 year old boy I said yes. She said softly ”imagine the Lord Jesus on the cross taking the punishment for your sins”. With that image in mind I prayed and began the journey of following Christ. The road is littered with joy, sadness, growth and stretching of my faith. At 7 I did not know what was ahead but I can still say, its the best decision I ever made. 

So, my question is simple. 

Are you Saved